A Lived Experience

In The Waste Land, TS Eliot wrote, “April is the cruellest month”. Agrarian economy in India is witnessing such situation in this month. Because of un-seasonal rains and step motherly treatment from political leadership through policy responses.
April rains turn farmers’ bane in Eastern Uttar Pradesh and the rest of India. I witnessed sheer loss of crops at various stages from field to granary and transportation.
In this backdrop, Hindi papers are replete with news of suicides and sudden deaths of farmers.
All farmers are desperate to harvest and sell their crops to Banias. But all efforts are just efforts. Harvesters, threshers and manpower all are useless in front of sudden rains. It has affected all size of farmers- Big, small and marginal. Banias are like vultures here. They are trying to fetch profitable grains especially pulses and oil seeds. Not much interested in wheat! Where is the state-run procurement initiative no one knows. Supply chain and storage in disasterious. It nose dived and state machinery is completely failed.
What is working here is prediction of MET Department. They are predicting accurately and scores of farmers are subscribed their SMS alerts. They are receiving information related to uneven rains and spreading news of arrival. It has escalated  demand for plastic sheets. Farmers are using it to protect the crops from sudden rains.
In recent past, I read about insurance initiatives in agriculture sector but none of farmers in Eastern UP have such financial instruments to cope with agricultural loss. Despite a fact that they know that rain is approaching but they are unable to save their crops from fuc**** rains.
Political leadership is busy in slug fest and forming a coalition. And another section is crafting policies on how to grab land efficiently from farmers! On the other hand… We are fade off with lofty promises of PM.
In order to make India a manufacturing hub in capital intensive sector, our PM is busy in shaping and cementing relationships with various nations. I have doubt about such steps because these manufacturing approaches are not going to work here. Already, some Asian players including China garnered this opportunity. You missed this opportunity and don’t involve in a ‘rat race’. Agrarian society urgently need response from the governments and the political leadership! Because this agricultural loss is very wide and deep.


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