Covering Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

In last couple of years, I covered entrepreneurship and solution innovations in India.
Recently one friend suggested me to share all stories on this blog. Keeping his noble suggestion in mind I am sharing few stories and interviews. Your comments and feedback are welcome…

relauncHER: Positive Impact on Women Professionals
After a yearlong study of women careers, Jyotika Singh founded relauncHER in order to remove the barriers and biases related to career breaks and stop penalizing women for the difficult choices they have to make. In an interview, Jyotika highlights several issue related to women’s employment in India: (13 November 2013)

Social Innovation at Work in India
After more than six decades of Independence, the excluded majority in India is grappling with intractable problems where grinding poverty is worsening their conditions. In this backdrop, BMVSS ventured into this segment to reduce social hardship with clear social vision and commitment. (09 November 2013)

Entrepreneurs in Each Region Should Share their Experiences: Vivek Wadhwa
In an exclusive interview, Vivek Wadhwa, a leading global thinker, sheds light on innovative solutions to plug loopholes. (04 November 2013)

Jugaad is crucial for India: Dr Jaideep Prabhu
Dr Jaideep Prabhu is director of the Centre for India & Global Business at Judge Business School, University of Cambridge, UK. Prabhu is co-author of Jugaad Innovation: Think Frugal, Be Flexible, Generate Breakthrough Growth. In an exclusive interview with Samay Live, Prabhu sheds light on various issues related to entrepreneurship development in India. (02 November 2013)

Skill Development by Startups
A lack of suitable skills and unorganized nature of employment created tricky situation for the households in various pockets of urban India. But in last few years, several startups with fledgling ideas ventured into this nascent segment to lag the gap. (October 2013)

Energy for All
Clean cooking solutions in developing countries like India are very much an unexplored terrain. In order to provide such solution, new enterprises are venturing into this terrain in the last few years. (29 October 2013)

Contributing to the Common Good
India has just entered into social entrepreneurship movement to explore newer and innovative solutions to address the most compelling socio-economic challenges. These young entrepreneurs from all over India are contributing to the common good.  (27 October 2013)

Green Businesses
Sheer amount of electronic gadgets from cheap to high-end have infiltrated every day live in India. Its toxic constituents are posing a big challenge of a different kind where e-waste cycling industry is largely unorganized. At this juncture, some startups have ventured into this uncharted terrain to address growing challenges of e-waste. (26 October  2013)

A New Wave of Social Enterprises
In a bid to provide clean drinking water, a new wave of social enterprises emerged and showed an unleashing potential to tackle social-economic hardships. Such change makers are inspiring the coming generation to tackle the world’s one of the toughest social and environmental challenges.  (October 2013)

Pursuing a Passion
Young students are capable to handle pressure, but maturity is still lacking due to lack of exposure to startups, business and entrepreneurship ecosystem. Article sheds light on the entrepreneurship ecosystem from funding to entrepreneurship development programmes in India.  (October  2013)


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