Entrepreneurial Spirit in Gujarat

Recently I visited Ahmedabad to attend a Faculty Development Programme (FDP) in Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India (EDII).  During a discussion in the class, one teacher shared roaring success stories of Ahmedabad-based micro-entrepreneurs. How they started their venture and their ways to tackle tough situations or their business tricks? Such stories of courage compel us to meet and interact them. Story of reaching the door steps of those entrepreneurs is also interesting.
First of all we (I and Krishan) decided to visit shop of Jasu Ben Shah. We as outside reach a shop which claims that its original shop. They gave menu and we found that name at the menu is different from what they have written on the board. Suddenly we asked clearly…where shop of Jasu Ben Shah Pizza is. Then they shared detail about this shop. We visited their and talked to attendants. They shared various things with us happily. We ate Pizza which was very tasty. I never ate such kind of Pizza which was completely Indianised. There was a Jugaad stove which was running on Kerosene oil (I think) and it was about five feet long. I never saw such kind of stoves earlier.
Then we visited well known Panwala – Ashok Pan House. It is located in the middle of city. Entire family owns and run various shops in this city. They have a chain of shops. These shops are neat and clean. He said that we reduced some items in the recent past. We make some of products when people place order for them. Taste of his Paan was very nice.
Finally we visited to shop of Indu Ben KhakharawalaIt’s located in other part of city. Shop was packed with customers. They were demanding various kinds of homemade stuffs. Majority of buyers were women. To sum up, truly Gujarat is replete with numerous micro entrepreneurs. Their entrepreneurial spirit is commendable in India. They think positively even during a crisis. Such charterers depicts grace and guts of Gujarati culture.
Writing an introduction in a book – “Dhandha: How Gujaratis Do Business”  well-known Bollywood actor Amitabh Bachchan rightly said, “Business acumen is something that Gujaratis seem to inherit rather than acquire.”


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